The best dental office space in DC should radiate an aura of serenity and comfort. Modern medical office space rentals in DC use natural sunlight in combination with indirect lighting with fluorescent lamps that are embedded in walls and ceilings. The objective of this light combination, as much as possible, is to imitate a more serene aura in the dental clinic, and also to maximize space since hanging lamps and lamps often make the dental clinic crowded.   Despite initial expectations to the contrary, I discovered that my interest in the design of dental offices has grown over the years when my skills mature. I attribute it to the following factors: 

1. Each client is unique in the aspirations and accents they bring to their project. Your personality, your individual preferences, your professional experience, your philosophy of practice, your specialty and the goals of life play a role in the mix, which will be expressed as “them”. 

2. The inspiration for the creative process does not come from a rigid methodology, but from a level of knowledge that allows me to develop an environment that makes the most of the opportunities provided by the space or the project site and that best suits the needs and individual requirements of each of my clients Each space or construction site has its own unique characteristics that can be used to the maximum potential to strengthen the aspirations of my client. For example, they may include the shape of space or places, the available views, the orientation of the sun, the structural obstacles, the available ceiling height, etc. 

3. There is also an evolution and maturation of the dental profession. For example, it was not many years ago that a dental sterilizer was a Spirit-shaped device that occupied the corner of a dental laboratory. Modern sterilization devices occupy a central place in their own centralized sterilization room, often many times the laboratory area. In the same way, digital technologies have played a decisive role in a new set of dental offices for X-ray radiography, electronic models, paperless offices and patient entertainment. 

The best Dental Office Space in DC design, as most interior designers call it, causes waves, as people are now more informed about the environment and are pushing electronic devices and appliances harmful to the environment. The concepts and designs serve not only as an aesthetic goal but also as energy saving. 

Illumination:  LED lighting or LED lamps are ideal for any commercial or residential home, as they consume much less electricity and thousands of lumens brighter than traditional incandescent / fluorescent bulbs; therefore, more output for less input. A 7-watt LED bulb can replace a 70 W incandescent lamp or a 35-watt fluorescent lamp. And, as a general rule, LED lamps will last longer than their predecessors: 100,000 hours to approach.

Equipment:  Technological advances have contributed to the fact that dental equipment has been effective: even with daily use, less wear-resistant, compact, practical, have a longer lifespan and also have dense energy saving functions. The old air compressors used twice as much throttle power as the newer models, and the older ones were also cumbersome because they did not clean the air of a dental clinic. Newer vacuum pumps also provide more suction flow per horsepower than older models and are so quiet that the patient will not even notice that it is running in the background. But, among other things, the advantages of using an oil engine factor on an ecological scale. 

Although new dental equipment can be expensive, it is better to invest in it, since long-term energy conservation is very important, not to mention quality, warranty, construction and, most importantly, little maintenance on your part. Keep the new dental equipment.  Furniture:  Since furniture is usually made of wood, I will give you only a choice of the most durable and durable quality materials suitable for your furniture items.  Mahogany: since this type of wood is practically impenetrable for rotting, it is an ideal material for cabinets, tables, and almost any large furniture. And since this forest is quite expensive, we recommend buying a cupboard from it, since the mahogany is too expensive to sit like a chair. The most durable mahogany furniture comes from the Caribbean, particularly Cuba and Honduras.  Oak, maple, cherry: these are the materials for which you usually want to make your wood panels. These types of wood are resistant to shrinkage, twisting, and separation, which makes them ideal sheets for concrete walls.  Walnut: There is no doubt that black walnut is the best material for wooden chairs. The nut is very resistant to stress and breakage. Alternatively, you can also choose between maple and walnut, because – like a walnut – they resist splitting and have a very stable grain pattern, even suitable for the heaviest of their patients.  Now, if there is a possibility of extreme heat exposure on the countertop, I recommend only granite. Of all the options for countertop materials, granite is the most indestructible and most resistant to heat. You can put a very hot frying pan or fry pan directly on the counter and there will never be problems.

The same cannot be said for any other material.  In public places, such as bathroom customers, operators and especially the counter, I recommend going to something other than laminated plastic. Solid surfaces, whether CorianĀ®, concrete, quartz or natural stone, create the impression of a quality that plastic laminates simply cannot do. Therefore, in order to better inform about the strength and quality of your dental practice, it is important to spend additional dollars on the countertop made with one of these other materials. The old saying goes: “You have only one chance to make a first impression.”

To improve the quality of your practice in the minds of your patients and potential patients, you want the front desk to make a good impression.  Everything higher and higher is enough for this work to be interesting for me. However, in my opinion, the most important factor in preserving this work for me is my practice of bringing each new project closer to what some call the “newcomer consciousness.” Having created hundreds of separate offices of all kinds, it is vitally important for me to solve every new project as if I had never designed a dental kit before. Being a creative chef, I try to clear my mind of preconceived notions and discover new ways of combining the available “ingredients” to create the perfect dish.

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